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I am so much confident about what brought you to my page. No wonder you chose to search for Kizito Ibeh.
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I am Kizito Ibeh Onyeka. A graduate of Electronics/Electrical Engineering from the prestigious Michael Okpara University.
I have acquired quality skills on Front-End web development with tens of successful completed projects using high web tech and experience in less than 2 years.
With my wide range of commitment in developing myself and others, I have successfully ran and still running one of the fastest growing blog in Nigeria (Bazecity.com) with 2 years web presence. With my earliest political mindset from my university days, I have conducted wide range of trainings for web administration as well as quality content publications across Nigeria.

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Excellent in web development. Guru in (CMS) WordPress. Very meticulous in content management, content editing.


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Always ready to take up responsibility with high level of result oriented. Gives accurate account on projects managed or done.


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I do common things in a very uncommon manner with quality difference in results generated.

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